Success can be gauged by many things: position, money, degree of happiness, friends, all kinds of relationships, travel, a good wage, solid mental attitude, health and emotional intelligence, among other things.

Executive women are in an awkward situation due to the fact that they have had to, in my opinion, worked much harder to get to where they are now, often sacrificing family time or having a family to reach this level.

If an executive woman is stressed, and there is no reason to believe that his category of women is nay different, except that they may have had mentors along the way and they may have had more effective strategies for maintaining their position, such as health and wellness strategies, because they knew that doing the work they do entails more mental, emotional and physically effort than perhaps the positions they have risen from.

However, I personally know that executive women still feel under the pump and need strategies to overcome any stress that they are under – which generally would be performance levels, managing staff, using creative ideas and coming up with solutions to help move the entity forward. With these types of skills comes some kind of anxiety about how well they themselves are performing and because they are in top jobs, if they put up their hand and say: “I am not coping here”, then they secretly fear that they will be considered a failure because the men don’t do that.

What do you gain if your health suffers and you zoom on by to burnout because you cannot put up your hand and admit that you need help. Not in your work output but in the emotional stuff that runs how you do life.

My goal for executive women is to help them put up their hand and seek permanent solutions to resolving stress issues once-and-for-all, because it is possible!

Celine Healy

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