The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution – DIY Repair Program

STOP: Don’t buy another …stress resolution training… not even mine, until you read every word on this page. This could save you years of heartache and bucket loads of cash.

What you are about to read (or hear on the video) will make you weep because you wish you had learned this many years ago. And it would have saved you countless hours of frustration and feeling like a failure because you were so stressed, fatigued, depressed or anxious, that you did not have the energy to cope with life, both personally and in your career.

I am going to tell you how you can resolve these issues once-and-for-all so stay with me till the end of this page (or short video) and I will reveal the full scoop on this idiotic claim, and how, with a little effort, you can resolve these issues: lack of energy, depression, anxiety, and generally feeling so stressed you feel you cannot cope any longer.

TODAY, I’m going to show you … how I went from below the line, exhausted, depressed, lacking in energy, lacking in success and being totally stressed out, to being happy, refreshed and back in control, including the exact same system that overcomes fatigue and lack of energy, without doing anything major, other than a small tweak on what you are already doing. Please note: you do not need to change your diet, your exercise program or your lifestyle!

How good is that?

While people spend years and huge dollars doing all sorts of courses and seminars on stress management, time management goal setting and success courses, without success, this system works!

It works because the technology has been scientifically researched, tested and proven over a long period of time with world-wide results which include:

  • Decreasing depression by 60%
  • Decreasing fatigue by 50%
  • Decreasing anxiety by 46%, and many, many more benefits.

For Individuals – a DIY Program


60% Decrease in Depression


50% Decrease in Fatigue


46% Decrease in Anxiety

So, Stay with me…

The reason you should listen is that you will find the full scoop and the REAL reasons you should watch the full video is because of the mind-blowing techniques that you can use and I will be sharing, that will help you resolve all of your stress issues: fatigue, depression, lack of energy, anxiety and others, within a short period of time.


Hi, I am Celine Healy, and today many people know me as the 21st Century Stress Exterminator, but the reality is, just a few years ago I was in a very different situation.

I was so stressed out that I went to burnout and struggled for several years to find a way forward.

First of all, I was in the wrong career for my personality type. This created untold issues struggling to fit in, straining against all of the rules and regulations and time schedules, which I hated, and it caused me untold pain, physically, mentally and emotionally. I tried self-medication to keep myself from dealing with these issues by smoking and drinking, and generally self-punishing. It helped for a short while because it shut off the busyness of my thoughts that kept going round and round, and which kept me from experiencing a good night’s sleep. The only solution I could see was to have several drinks until I would pass out and my brain switched off. You can only do that for so long, until your body gives up and signs out.

I put myself through so many courses and tried many, many, things but, the results just would not stick. I needed to find a way that not only worked, but that the results would be lasting, long term and permanent.

So, what I did when I finally had tried and tested so many tools and techniques was to develop a model of wellness such that a person, instead of trying to change too many things at once, would, very gently, just do, one thing at a time. Yes. Only 1 thing!

When I looked at the research on habits and how we create them and that what we do most of the day is one giant habit, I realised we were not really creating or thinking at all, but simply going through the motions daily. I also realised that, if everything I was doing was a habit, that perhaps I needed to look at how we respond to stress. I figured perhaps how we responded to stress was a habit also. You see, if habits can be “learned” they can also be  “unlearned”.

I looked at the physiological reactions of what happens when a person is triggered by a stressful event and I realised that stress response was a habit. And. If you can install one kind of habit, you can install a different one.

So, that’s how it all began. A search, trial and error, developing a model of wellness and slotting in tools and techniques that would give people lasting results.

I found that if you could measure stress then you could monitor it and then make some small adjustments to change or improve.

’if everything I was doing was a habit… perhaps I needed to look at how we respond to stress.’

My Model:The Stress to Success Model of Wellness has 5 steps . This model is a new approach to getting well, over-coming stress and being successful, by doing easy and simple things, one step at a time. The first step: REPAIR, is how we deal with your immediate stress needs. This first step revolves around the need to repair the body and increase energy. Those two factors are imperative in ridding your body of stressful response habits, because when a stressful event occurs, the body is flooded with cortisol, a chemical reaction, and it takes time and energy to repair this. Repairing the body and increasing energy breaks the nexus of the habit of how you respond to stress. (Note: The other 4 steps revolve around other products and services which will be released in due course.)

During that time, I was fortunate to come across the technology that would support this model of wellness. I found some software that could actually measure stress and help you monitor it, and by making small adjustments you could easily change or improve. So, by utilising various techniques you could see how your stress can improve daily just by practising some really easy techniques for minutes each day.

Within that first step: REPAIR, I developed a model of how to approach moving from stress to success.

There are 4 categories when moving from stress to success: from struggling through to FLOW. At each level people experience various symptoms and are affected by stress at different levels of severity, and therefore need to approach the training slightly differently.

Within that model, steps were devised using a scientific approach so that we could measure, monitor and then make small adjustments to show how each user could change or improve.  These are the exact same steps you will be using within The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution.

Using this scientific approach to resolving stress works!

How I was before

If you are reading this, you know what I am talking about right?

Most professional career people have one of these major issues:

  • fatigue, where you are dragging yourself around each day, barely coping; or
  • you are depressed to some degree, or
  • you are anxious. If you have these or other stress issues, you know that you have struggled with these issues for many years.
  • You have been getting more colds and flu each year and have suffered many more physical ailments each year.
  • You have also noticed that you are taking longer and longer to complete tasks and feel that your personal life and career are out of control.
  • You will be feeling unhappy and tired and will have increased your intake of: coffee, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes, prescription medications and pain killers or have started taking drugs, or gambling.
  • You might have found that, in desperation, you grab at any new article on how these 7 or 10 new tips can help you find a quicker way to overcome stress easily, always looking for the magic pill or the easy cure, but, you do not really do anything about this, as you do not have the willpower or the energy to do any serious self-help.

You are looking for a solution, something that will work and give you that edge.

I can feel your pain…

Can you relate to this: you feel you no longer love your job or your life, and that you might have to give it up (your job, not your life) because of these physical, mental and emotional issues?
You know you need to change but what and how?
You are just not happy and have become a person you do not like?
Have you felt like that at any time?

Who or what is it that is holding you back?

  • What has been stopping you from achieving your goals of a stress-free life?
  • Is it another person or the job or the people around you?
  • Or worse still, is it yourself?
  • Have you been sabotaging yourself for years and won’t admit it?

Are you your own worst enemy?

For me, it was myself that was the problem. Yes. I blamed external forces when I could not own up to the fact that I was creating the mess in my life. There was no one else to blame. I could continue in victimhood or choose a different path.

Fortunately, I chose a different path because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, dragging myself around, barely coping with what I had to do and continuing to self-punish at the slightest cue.

I came across this technology that would be my saviour and now I want to share that with you so that you can have the same or even better results.

The big magic solution

People spend years and huge dollars doing all sorts of courses and seminars on stress management. My solution is about “resolving stress”, not merely managing it, and that is the difference.

The good news is that there is a solution and it works even if:

  • You don’t believe it will work for you
  • You think it might be too expensive
  • You think it might be a waste of money
  • You’ve tried everything else and it appears you have been given the “let’s fail” permanent life card


  • You don’t think you are attractive enough
  • You don’t feel you deserve this success


  • You think that your life could miraculously get better by osmosis
  • You have never come across a technique that has worked before.

Here is how my life looks now…

And this was not possible without this solution and this technology…

With The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution, this is how my life looks right now:

  • I no longer smoke or drink (only occasionally but I now have a choice)
  • I am doing a job I love
  • I have energy to burn
  • I am in total control of my life and have heaps of time to complete tasks
  • I no longer feel depressed and useless and lack self-worth
  • I am not anxious about the future
  • I now feel successful and stress-free.

Life is as good as it gets and every few months I look for more challenges that I can succeed at.

However, this would not have been possible without utilising the tools and techniques and scientifically researched, tested and proven technology that I use on myself, and my clients. It’s a blessing in disguise.

Sure. You need to do some work. But you are in total control. You choose how much success and how free of stress you want to be. If you only want a 50% improvement then that’s the amount of effort you will put in.

But, if you want the best possible outcome then you will put in that effort for the duration of the course.

How you too can have all of these results and more…

The good news is that this solution works for everyone from young people to old people. (My oldest client was 84 years of age when she came to see me and she achieved her stress-free status within 28 days.) Everyone responds to stress the same way physiologically. We all have the same habitual response. So, if we all have this habitual response to stress, then this solution, The 37Day Stress Resolution Solution, is suitable for everyone.
And it works! It simply works!

Imagine how your life could be… 

This is how your life could be during and after using this 37Day Stress Resolution Solution:

  • You will have had a great night’s sleep
  • You wake up refreshed every day, focused and ready to get into it.
  • You become more engaged in your work.
  • You will be completing tasks more easily and effortlessly.
  • Your energy will have increased enormously.
  • You will have reduced any depression, anxiety or fatigue by up to 50%. You will feel more present and aware.
  • You will not be reacting to a person who used to drive you nuts and you would respond erratically and get all upset.
  • Your relationships will improve.
  • You will become a better communicator. And. Most of all,
  • you will feel better and happier, for no reason at all!

What this Package includes:

  • The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution includes14 Videos:
  • 1 Overview Video on How Stress Affects Us
  • 1 DIY Overview Video for those who want to get the quick how-to
  • 6 Videos for each week of the 6-week program
  • 6 Separate Videos of the weekly techniques to follow
  • A Theory Booklet PDF to understand the scientific background
  • A Work Booklet PDF to record your daily and weekly positions and improvements
  • The Stress Monitoring Software and Hardware
  • Email support for the duration of the course

Now I could charge…

If you have suffered as much as I did with this problem, you may even be willing to pay $3,500 for something like this… heck you would even pay… $10,000 and that is what a “regular” person would do…luckily, I am not a regular person, and I will tell you a great affordable price.

Stick around and I will show you how and why this is at the price this is…

And, here are some extra added bonuses for you…


  • A Special Bonus Week 7 Video – which will show you a way forward
  • PDF Booklet on Mental Health & Wellbeing $20
  • A copy of the Model of Wellness $20
  • 3 Months email support after the course has been completed $320

The Full Price is:

The total price for The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution is:



The Total Value of this Package is:

The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution includes 14 Videos: 1400
  – 1 Overview Video on How Stress Affects Us
  – 1 DIY Overview Video for those who want to get the quick how-to
  –  6 Videos for each week of the 6-week program
  –  6 Separate Videos of the weekly techniques to follow
A Theory Booklet PDF to understand the scientific background 30
A Work Booklet PDF to record your daily and weekly positions and improvements 30
The Stress Monitoring Software and Hardware  350
Email support for the duration of the course 360
A Special Bonus Week 7 Video – which will show you a way forward 100
PDF Booklet on Mental Health & Wellbeing 20
A Copy of The Model of Welness 20
3 Months email support after the course has been completed 320
Total : 2,630

What others have said about this course…

‘I was feeling great difficulty in making a decision about whether I should leave my husband. His drinking was creating disharmony with myself and my children. Through these simple breathing techniques, I gained great clarity of what I needed to do. My awareness and perception became crystal clear. I was then able to make a decision that was best for me and the children. If you have an opportunity to do these breathing exercises, do so because your response to stress and how you handle it will changed forever.’                            Louise L., 35, Eden, NSW, Australia

‘I was run ragged trying to do everything in my business. I’d become a control freak. I was exhausted, spending too much time on my business and away from my family, and even after all that effort my business had stagnated. Then I found Celine’s program. Boy was I surprised! I am now smiling all of the time. I have huge amounts of energy and my business is booming. I am not spending anywhere near the amount of time I was in the office and I now have a hobby and am back at the gym. I highly recommend this program!’
Susan H., 35   Business Owner, Retail Clothing

‘I was feeling guilty that I was a bad mother because I was unable to relate to my daughter. I realised that this was a pattern that I was repeating because I felt the same with my mother. Doing these simple breathing exercises helped me gain awareness of what my patterns were and I am now able to resolve any issues which surface, because as soon as I move out of “love” and into “fear” I know I am moving into a stress position, so I do my breathing exercises. I have more energy, I sleep better and I am back on control and no longer feel guilty.’    Melissa T., 33,   Richmond, NSW, Australia

'I recently completed the 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution in our corporate group. When I started the course, I was tired all of the time, had low back pain, headaches, I felt drained, worried and had difficulty staying on tasks. My goal was to feel energised and have reduced pain and be more focused and to stay on task. I am happy to say that I did achieve these things, and I am also sleeping better and coping with stress and am “rolling with the punches” and not getting upset easily I am more alert and not so reactive and have more focus.'  Fiona C.  NSW, Australia

'I first heard Celine speak about Stress Resolution and thought that I would engage her for our organisation to help our staff overcome the stress they indicated they had especially due to the new structural changes that had been instigated.

I was anxious and had a lot of tension in my neck and shoulder area and was pretty much fatigued.

I am now feeling relaxed and the neck and shoulder pain and tension has been reduced. I am feeling more energised. I am not allowing myself to get overwhelmed. I was surprised at what I had accomplished in such a short amount of time. '  David P,  NSW, Australia

'I presented with stiff neck and felt drained. After doing the course for 6 weeks I now feel more energised, less reactive and more connected. I am feeling more in control and feel happier than I have for a long time.'  Kim N,  NSW, Australia

What are you spending now on trying to manage your stress?

Think about how much you are spending each week or month on ways to cope or manage your stress: on coffees, junk food, sweets and cakes, alcohol, prescription and over-the-counter medication and pain killers or rugs or gambling.

Count up the dollars and see what you are spending.
Here was an average week for me previously:

Coffees                45
Junk food            30
Sweets & cakes  15
Alcohol                50
Medication         10 … and perhaps a lot more
                       $150 per week or approximately $520 per month …
to overcome the effects of stress, to cope or in order to be able to manage it in some way. (These figures do to take into account the positive therapies you may indulge in: facials, massage, spas and saunas, acupuncture, vitamins and minerals and gym membership and so on…)

Let’s say $600 per month!

So, what this means is that this stress resolution course, which would help you resolve stress permanently within 37 Days without changing your diet, exercise or your lifestyle, and which has been scientifically researched, tested and proven to work over thousands of people world-wide with these kinds of results:

  • Decreasing depression by 60%
  • Decreasing fatigue by 50%
  • Decreasing anxiety by 46% and many, many more results

… is available to you if you diverted less than 2 months of the above expenses which may well be causing you extra harm apart form the stress you are trying to overcome in the first place, this amount could be invested in your mental health and wellbeing and create for you a better, happier and stress-free life!

The best part, after the enormous benefits you would receive is that when you then decide to have a sauna, massage or spa, the benefits you gain are even  greater because you would already be de-stressed …

Is your health worth it?

Will you continue to complain and procrastinate or maintain a life of victimhood, or will you decide that today is the day that you are ready to make a choice for the betterment of your mental health and wellbeing?

So, think about this.

You have two choices here now:

  1. You can do nothing and I can guarantee that your stress will increase and you will be heading towards illness and possible disease in the near future, or
  2. Take action now and invest in yourself so that you can regain the mental health and wellbeing you had once, perhaps a long time ago. Remember what that felt like. Do you want to experience that again? Your choice!

What have you go to lose?

What to do now…

Go ahead and buy now and invest in your new stress-free life… you have nothing to lose!

This is a DIY course that you can do in the comfort of your own home in your own time, and, as an added benefit you get the stress measuring and monitoring software and hardware included, so you be able to see your results and see how you are progressing and changing and improving. There is no guesswork here! You are measuring your own stress and can then take action and self-regulate what you do in order to change that!

To purchase The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution DIY Package

please click on this link.

’you do not need to change your diet, your exercise plan
or your lifestyle when you do this program…’

Frequently Asked Questions About the REPAIR Coaching/Training Package- The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution:

What is the REPAIR Coaching/Training Package?

The REPAIR Coaching/Training Package– is a series of personal, individual coaching/training sessions, utilizing tools and techniques to help you retrain your physiology so that you stress response mechanism is back under control, so that, by the end of the training sessions, you will be back in control of how and when you respond to stress. When you are stressed you are out of control, you lose time and you have little energy or focus for your personal life or indeed, your business life. This step involves you gaining life-time skills and teaches you how to self-regulate how you will respond to stress. This is about permanent stress resolution.

Why do we start on REPAIR first?
We start on REPAIR first because when people start a program they like to see tangible results and they like to know that they are getting benefit immediately. Because stress is the basis of up to 95% of all dis-ease and disease, the first step is to be able to gain control over your stress response mechanism. Once this has happened you will feel back in control and that is the point. Loss of control is one of the biggest issues that people complain about: loss of control over work-life balance, and so on. Doing REPAIR first gives you tools and techniques that you can implement yourself at any time, once you have mastered these. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you do this step first. It is about achieving life-time skills for dealing with whatever comes up for you over the years and how effectively you can deal with those issues. Because you will have learned the techniques they will stand you in good stead forever!
What specifically do I do in a session? How do I know it is working?

For these sessions you will receive, as part of your package, a hand-held stress monitoring device, by which you will be able to gauge how well you are doing on a daily basis. There is no guess-work here. The device monitors how you are responding individually. You will be able to measure how stressed you are at any time of the day or night and then use the hand-held device to help you move to a more productive state. You will learn different techniques each week and measure and monitor your progress within the hand-held device as well as in your personal REPAIR workbook.

When can I expect to see results?

Results are determined by the amount of work you do on a daily basis. If you are committed to changing your life once and for all, then make the commitment to do whatever it takes and record your progress daily. Most people see instant benefits and report sleeping better within the first week. The end result you achieve will depend on how much practice you complete daily. You can have dramatic improvements in wellbeing within a two-week period providing you do the necessary work. Everything is set out for you in easy to follow booklets. You will definitely feel better on every level within a five-six-week period.

Will I gain increased resilience to stress and will my energy increase?

The entire REPAIR program of coaching/training sessions is designed so that you gain increased energy as we will be helping you stop the energy leaks from your body/mind. When this happens, at the same time, you are increasing your resilience to stress. What that means is that you will no longer be at the mercy of automatic responses. You will be able to choose how, if, when or whether you will respond to a stressful situation.

What other benefits can I expect?

There are many benefits that will be gained and these include and are not limited to:

  • Increased restful and rejuvenating sleep
  • Increased energy and decreased fatigue
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Increased focus, clarity and concentration
  • Feeling better and more healthy
  • Overall increase in well being
  • Having s sense of increased time to complete tasks
  • Feeling that your life is back in control once more
  • Better relationships
  • A feeling of freedom to choose what and how you want to live

… and many more.