Here is what business people have to say about Celine Healy and the FROM STRESS TO SUCCESS programs and her Talks!

Brendan Rogers – Convenor

April 30th, 2018 : Central Coast Meeting

Celine delivered a talk to our community titled ‘How overcoming stress is the key to boosting your success’.  A great topic matched by a great talk. Celine was honest, engaging and vulnerable and delivered several ‘gold nuggets’ of information that the group found of enormous value. The breathing and stress tests done on our audience provided a fun-filled and hands-on approach to the overall experience. Thank you, Celine, for delivering such value to our BMB community.”


Kevin Latta CPA

February 16th, 2017 : CPA Australia – Wollongong Discussion Group – “How to Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life

Celine said to fix stress, you have to go back to the source, which in most cases is something we learnt as a child. When I heard that I felt like getting up and cheering, because, firstly I totally agree with the statement and my own life experience is proof as to the correctness of the statement.It is a fact that in the first 3 years I live is when a person learns the most, therefore what Celine said that to understand why a person stressed out most probably means they have to go back to their childhood.

It is rare to attend a seminar and to hear a person saying things that I have been believed for years, then look around the audience and see all the nonverbal “yes I understand what you are saying”

When a person gives a speech what they actually say is important but what the audience actually remembers is what really matters. What the audience can recall seven days later, is the real measure of success.

This sort of sounds like I am doing a speech evaluation, it sort of is, if someone says this sounds like you have Toastmasters experience, correct.

So the question and answers are

Q1: Was I impressed with the speaker.
A1: Yes.

Q2: Did the speaker connect with the audience.
A2: Yes, I looked around and while I could not see everyone those I could see their body language said they were really listening.

The following are the reasons I connected with Celine.
1. Stress causes all sorts of illnesses
2. First step in dealing with stress is to remove the source of the stress.
3. To really fix a person’s stress issues, you need to go back to the sources which is often their childhood.

I am writing this review one month after the presentation, therefore the fact that I can still remember the three key points, shows Celine made a good impression.

One of the fun things I use to do after a church service was to ask people while still standing outside the church, what did the priest say in his sermon, at least 50% could not tell me.

Karen T.

Executive, Financial Services Industry
‘When I met Celine I was in crisis and at a cross-road. I was constantly tired. I couldn’t concentrate. I was taking longer and longer to complete tasks. I really felt I was losing it big time. With Celine’s help I overcame that! I now feel really successful! I feel happy. I am back in control. I am making terrific progress and have regained my normal happy mood and disposition. The progress was so noticeable my boss asked me what I was on. The boss now wants to have all of his executive team complete this work. I highly recommend you contact Celine immediately and see how her programs can be of benefit to you!’

Jodie P.

HR & Recruitment Consultant
‘I was really stressed out. I felt I was losing control over my job. It became harder to be on top of things because I was so exhausted and I began making mistakes. I was burning the candle at both ends and partying hard on the weekends. I couldn’t sleep, had no time for the gym and was eating really crappy food. My mood changed and I was grumpy and short tempered. Then a client recommended Celine’s program. She said she had amazing results in a very short time. I have tried this and I know it works! I now have lifetime tools to resolve any stress issue. I am a better version of me. If you do nothing else this year, call Celine and put yourself in her hands so that she can weave her magic for you. You will be a changed person.’

Melissa T., 33

Richmond, NSW, Australia
‘I was feeling guilty that I was a bad mother because I was unable to relate to my daughter. I realised that this was a pattern that I was repeating because I felt the same with my mother. Doing these simple breathing exercises helped me gain awareness of what my patterns were and I am now able to resolve any issues which surface, because as soon as I move out of “love” and into “fear” I know I am moving into a stress position, so I do my breathing exercises. I have more energy, I sleep better and I am back on control and no longer feel guilty.’

Louise L., 35

Eden, NSW, Australia
‘I was feeling great difficulty in making a decision about whether I should leave my husband. His drinking was creating disharmony with myself and my children. Through these simple breathing techniques I gained great clarity of what I needed to do. My awareness and perception became crystal clear. I was then able to make a decision that was best for me and the children. If you have an opportunity to do these breathing exercises, do so because your response to stress and how you handle it will changed forever.’

Susan H.

Business Owner, Retail Clothing
‘I was run ragged trying to do everything in my business. I’d become a control freak. I was exhausted, spending too much time on my business and away from my family, and even after all that effort my business had stagnated. Then I found Celine’s program. Boy was I surprised! I am now smiling all of the time. I have huge amounts of energy and my business is booming. I am not spending anywhere near the amount of time I was in the office and I now have a hobby and am back at the gym. I highly recommend this program!’