My Personal Story

My promise to you is:

I can take you from feeling stressed-out, exhausted and out of control, to feeling liberated, refreshed and composed.

Hello! I’m Celine Healy, and I’m so happy you’re here.

I’d like to share a bit about why I was prompted to work with professionals like you.

My own career experiences and battles led me to extensive research. I was driven to make serious, lasting changes. As a result, I discovered real answers to “permanently resolving stress”. I reached a level of true freedom which transformed my life. It’s a freedom which I recognised others only dream about. I had to share it with you.

Working in a career or in business you already know how much resilience is needed to withstand the stresses and pressures in your work and personal life. I’m sure you’re looking for more control and balance. Ways to achieve your highest and best potential. And, to feel happier and healthier, possibly greater than you ever have as an adult.

I spent 21 years in corporate life. I worked as an accountant for small and large accounting firms. I tutored and lectured on accounting at under-graduate, graduate and post-graduate levels. I became a partner in two firms. I operated as a sole trader in my own accounting practice.

At the start it was exciting and rewarding. I enjoyed being part of groups with the trials and tribulations of the work environment. Initially the stresses and difficulties of working in teams weren’t so obvious. Things began to change when I went on to work as a sole trader, acting on my own.

Outwardly I seemed very “successful”. I appeared to fit the mould of an accountant. Inwardly I struggled. Deeply. My work began to suffer. I found I’d been masking feelings of inadequacy. I had a sense that I wasn’t truly suited to that type of work. I felt a failure much of the time. Yet I hesitated about seeking help. I felt that if I put up my hand and said that I wasn’t coping, others would see me as a failure too. I believed I couldn’t speak up or be my true self. I developed addictive behaviours and patterns of negative thinking. It was typical self-abuse. I was often sick with re-occurring viral and chest infections. I was exhausted beyond belief. So drained for much of the time. My work no longer felt meaningful or positive. I coped by self-medicating.

As if by magic, a stranger gave me permission to find a different path. One better suited to my personality style and traits. Set free from ridiculous levels of stress.

He said, ‘Whatever you’re doing, it can’t possibly be worth it’.

Those words helped me shape a new path. Take a journey towards helping myself and laying the foundations for a future path. To help someone like you.

I worked with many therapists and healers. I attended heaps of courses and seminars about achieving success. The results didn’t stick. There were no lasting changes. Of course, because I already felt like a failure, I was sure I was to blame for not getting to the core issues.

I’d left accounting, the profession on which I’d built my self-esteem. It had given me financial standing as well as social and family connections. I’d left it all behind. I was now suffering chronic health issues, feelings of discrimination and struggling financially. I had a sense of wasting my real talents. Wondering if I’d ever achieve success again. Inside I had a longing to do something of greater meaning in my work/life.

After some futile starts, I finally made the decision to reclaim my life. I decided to help people. To stop hurting. Stop being a victim.

I trained hard. I gained qualifications in: Counselling and Applied Psychology, Business and Work Place Coaching, Kinesiology, Kinergetics, Psyche-K, MBIT Coaching, TMJ Reset and Forensic Healing. I also took many, many other shorter courses.

I launched a career in a combined coaching practice. It included traditional coaching, Kinesiology and Forensic Healing. I began speaking to groups about the impact stress has on success. I wanted to help others to resolve it. Permanently.

I was astounded to find so many women doing what I’d done. Working in jobs not suited to them. Stressed to the max and not knowing where to turn or how to overcome their issues. They were as miserable as I had been. I knew I’d found my true path. I wanted to be part of the solution.

Knowing what works and what doesn’t, I developed a model of wellness titled “The Stress to Success Model”. It culminated in my book Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life. It’s about recognising the signs and symptoms of stress. To help someone like you work through a step-by-step process to permanently resolve stress, once and for all.

In my business, ‘Stress to Success’, I have a new career as a Stress Resolution Coach and Mentor.

It’s designed to help you one-on-one, or via consultations to corporate firms in group settings. I’m drawing on my extensive experience to help stem career professional’s stress in corporations and as an individual. Specifically to address work-life challenges. Midlife crises and transitioning. To build resilience to stress and encourage greater career happiness. My goal is to help someone like you to develop your brilliance and courage. To ultimately balance your work/life more effectively.

As a stress resolution expert, I write for Ezine Articles, Linked In, Australian Women in Business Network, the Southern Highland News, Illawarra Women in Business, and Fountain International Magazine. My work’s been featured on radio and in other platforms. I now focus intensively on helping professional career people and people in business “resolve” stress permanently.

I want to help you to dig deep to release the real underlying issues contributing to your stress. I want to help you raise your vibration to a higher level. To discover your true identity and the type of work that’s right for you.

My aim to create magic in your life by helping you set and achieve goals easily and effortlessly. To get into flow to experience a better life.

I love my work. I feel supremely fulfilled by it. Every day I’m passionately committed to helping professionals like you achieve breakthroughs. I use simple techniques to create a profound impact on awareness and perceptions. I want to encourage you to reach your highest potential. To enjoy peak performance – in your work, business, relationships. In all areas of your life.

I’m here to help you feel better than you have in years.

I’d love to help you resolve your stress permanently, increase your overall resilience, and feel better than you have for years, and have the courage to create your ultimate career or business, and create the flow in your life that is your bliss.

My Vision

My Vision, is for a stress-free planet, with people living very productive and happy lives, being back in control, having increased energy and increased resilience to stress.

My Mission

My Mission is to help 10 million + people RESOLVE STRESS in their lives, utilising simple and very effective life-time tools and techniques that lead to permanent results. It is about self-regulation. Putting back control of their health and their destiny in their own hands.

How I can help you through…?

Coaching / Mentoring

As an Individual – I offer two Coaching/Training Packages:

1. The 37 Day DIY Stress Resolution Solution – REPAIR Package and
2. The 37 Day DIY Stress Resolution Solution – REPAIR Package + a Private Coaching Session.

These are guaranteed to help you feel better and gain more energy. You’ll have more resilience to stress, a sense of being in control, and increased skills to self-regulate your responses to stress. Doing a DIY Program suits the busy career person and you can go at your own pace. If you need more personal assistance then I would recommend that you invest in the second option. Click here

For Corporates –– I offer individually packaged programs. These can help your organisation increase productivity, staff retention and profitability, while reducing absenteeism and retraining costs. I offer corporate packages for you and your staff in a group setting. Other options available include developing a downloadable package for your individual needs. For more information about how I can help your organisation please see this link.
Click here.

Books and eBooks

My latest book: Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life, helps identify stress experiences. It covers the signs and symptoms and what underpins them. In my model of wellness, “The Stress to Success Model”, you can learn about the steps you might take in order to resolve stress permanently in your life. To live a healthy, happy life, in flow. Where everything comes easily and effortlessly to you. Please go to this link for this and other books: Click here.

Webinars and seminars

At present the first in a series of webinars is available for your perusal.

This first FREE webinar is titled: Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life – This webinar explains in detail the importance of resolving stress permanently in your life and why this is such an important topic for discussion, because stress is the basis of up to 95% of all disease.

Click here to listen to this webinar.


I am available for speaking engagements in person at corporate events, at conferences and in community groups.

Topics can be tailored specifically for your organisation:

• The Impact of Stress on Individuals in Many Environments
• The Impact of Stress on an Organisation’s Profitability and Productivity
• How to Retain Staff by Implementing Stress Resolution Strategies
• From Stress to Success Model of wellness and how to apply this specifcially to yourself or your organisation
• Achieving the Success You Desire

If you would like to engage me to speak at your function, corporate conference, or your community event, please click on the CONTACT page and we can discuss your requirements.

Speaking Testimonials and endorsement:

As a presenter, Celine has been described as:
‘authentic, engaging, confident, authoritative, intelligent, clear, connected to her audience, compelling, likeable, Enthusiastic, passionate, trustworthy, congruent, exciting, motivated, dynamic, impressive, experienced and an expert’. — Michelle Bowden

The Parramatta Commerce and Industry CPA Discussion group received a presentation from Celine Healy covering Stress in the Workplace.

Celine explained her journey from accountant to Stress Resolution Coach and identified the key strategies to help manage and reduce stress.

Celine was successful in explaining how accountants are subjected to daily stresses and how important it is to reduce and overcome its negative factors. She also emphasised how stress can impact your health and wellbeing, performance and motivation.

Celine made a very good connection with the group and demonstrated techniques to help reduce stress. She also demonstrated a stress management software tool that monitors stress levels which would be invaluable in measuring stress and its reduction.

Our CPA Discussion group thoroughly enjoyed the night and came away with techniques to help reduce their stress levels, resulting in an improvement in health and wellbeing.’ — John Bligh, Convenor

If you’d like to find out more – or would like to be involved – contact Celine by clicking here!

Other information about Celine

Celine Healy is known by her clients as ‘The Stress Resolution Expert’ due to her success in helping career women and women in business toward STRESS RESOLUTION.

Celine doesn’t believe in STRESS MANAGEMENT. She feels that many programs are hard to tell apart in a “sea of sameness”. Instead her STRESS RESOLUTION starts with a holistic approach, looking at your life from a total body / mind perspective. After all, STRESS affects everyone in different ways – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

With a background in executive level business and a life-long study of healing, Celine understands the range of stresses that can be present in a business woman’s life. You can now take advantage of her proven approaches and strategies that will bring resolution to the issues stress can cause in YOUR life.
Celine has both Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Accounting and Communications. She also has Post Graduate qualifications in Education, Counselling and Applied Psychology, as well as qualifications in Coaching and Healing techniques.

During her time as an accountant, Celine was invited to the CPA’s Public Practice Committee and The National Insurance Commission. She was also a finalist in the Telstra Women in Business Awards and the Sydney Business Review Weekly Awards.

Celine is currently looking to build a NOT FOR PROFIT NETWORK titled: The Global Institute for Stress Resolution. Her aim is to take the FROM STRESS TO SUCCESS program into the community. This would allow hired trainers to reach out to groups which normally don’t have access to STRESS RESOLUTION programs. This work will begin in Sydney . It is Celine’s way of giving back to the community.