Stress does impede success on so many levels.

Karen overcame her stress and resolved it permanently when she undertook the course. Check out her video here: Being successful in any area of your life involves two aspects: 1. you need to repair your physiology first, and 2. you need to increase your energy levels.

Because stress affects us: mentally, emotionally, spiritually and then physically, in order for us to operate effectively we need to mend our broken bodies first. This generally involves repairing our cells on a deep level. This means that we need to be able to access the stress response mechanism which is housed in the autonomic nervous system. When we can do that we then can gain control over our stress responses. When we stop being bombarded by the effects of stress we can then mend our bodies.

The second aspect is by increasing our energy levels. The first thing we need to do here is to be able to stop the energy leaks and then instigate techniques that will enhance our vibration. Negativity drains our energy. Stressful situations are negative so those need to be able to be addressed in order to be able to stop the energy leaks permanently.

It is as simple as this. However, most people are not aware of how to do these things. My philosophy is to address only one thing at a time and master that then when you gain control over that one thing the rest will become easy.

Celine Healy

Stress Resolution Expert Ph: 0408 646 887 To watch the RELEASE video please click on this link.