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To me, this is the only way to resolve stress permanently, and that is via accessing and repairing the central nervous system which houses the stress response mechanism. When you gain control over this automatic function you gain control over your stress. The automatic functions are controlled by the subconscious and the conscious mind has governance over planning, strategising and creating. Most program which involved stress management imply using willpower to overcome some ingrained habit. The ingrained habit has been dug deeply by the subconscious mind, whose job has been to keep you safe throughout your life. So, if you try to use willpower, a conscious level approach, you will be pushing it uphill and eventually you will fail. In fact, generally the failure rate is around 97%. So, what you have to do to succeed is to deprogram and then reprogram your subconscious mind to be effective. You see, the link between the conscious and the subconscious is through the breath. If you can change the way you breathe and control that function, you will gain mastery over your stress levels.

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