For me, total resolution of stress is the goal. It can be done! What is the difference between these two topics?

Stress management, which is the acceptable form of implementation of various tools, strategies and techniques for managing stress. The dictionary defines “managing” as: administering, handle, keep in order, overlook, oversee or supervise or organise. This, to me, means, that you do not actually want to get rid of it, you want to keep it by you and oversee it or supervise it. If you “supervise” stress, to me, it means that it is like part of your persona or your staff. You want to oversee what they do and how they do it but they are there being supervised by you. They do not quit. They hang around.

individual for a really long time. If you know the keys to resolving stress then you can eliminate it permanently.

There are two secrets to what I call success, and success in its’ purest form is eliminating stress first, because at the basis of all failure is some kind of stress issue, emotional issue which has not been resolved. The two secrets are: a. you have to repair your physiology first, then b. you have to increase your energy. When we speak about energy we are talking about your vibration. And the one thing, yes, just the one thing you need to do to activate those two secrets, is to deprogram and then reprogram your subconscious, because this is the only effective way to instigate permanent change. You have to get to that part that is running your automatic programs. When you can do that you will have gained mastery over your stress. How this works is that the link between the conscious and the unconscious mind is via the breath. When you fix your breathing you transform your stress permanently.

Celine Healy

Stress Resolution Expert
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