You may well ask: how can you do that? Is that possible? Why haven’t I heard about this?

The interesting thing about stress resolution v stress management is that when people are giving tips on how to keep your stress in check, i.e. manage it, they actually do talk about stress resolution, but they do not recognise this very fact.

Generally, people will give you tips or lists of things to follow on a daily basis and these all go some way towards helping you keep your body/mind in balance and perhaps your work-life in check.

However, when discussing these tips somewhere in the more enlightened discussion there is a tip mentioned as: get to the cause of your stress, or write down what is bothering you, keep a journal of what triggers your stress and so on. They never actually get to the real issues below the surface of what is actually causing your stress. Perhaps these people do not know or perhaps it is all too hard. How can anyone who is stressed to the max suddenly understand what is the cause of their stress and actually do something about it as the experts do not tell them what to do once they have found these triggers and have written them down.

You see. That is the difference between stress management and stress resolution. It is getting to the hard issues and solving them so that the stress dissolves. It is not about taking a walk or having a massage or a spa. It is finding out what is at the root cause of your stress and actually dealing with those issues.

How do you do that? You have to deprogram and then reprogram those automatic functions that are being run unconsciously by the subconscious mind. The SC mind has been running various programs your entire life in order to keep you safe so that you can survive in a hostile environment. So, if you want to make permanently change you need to get in contact with that aspect of your mind and alter that.

How do you that? Is that possible? Yes. It is possible. The link between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is via the breath. So, if you can get hold of your breathing and retrain this you will have gained mastery over one aspect of the subconscious mind and this will lead you to gaining control over the stress response mechanism which is housed in the autonomic nervous system which is also run by the SC mind. When you do this you are repairing your physiology and when you do this you repair how you respond to stress.

Celine Healy

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