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– Comments by Celine Healy on this article.

The article talks about wanting to lose weight fast, and I am sure that we have all been there done that. The article is slanted towards the other side, i.e. that losing more than a few kilos is not a good approach. However, the long slow approach can be either good or bad.

Dr Michael Mosely in his book The 5;2 Fast Diet for Beginners espouses a new way of eating that is manageable in that you eat normally for five days and you fast, i.e. have around 500 calories per day for two days. In that way, you are adopting a new lifestyle approach. Whereas Dr Pierre Dukan in his book The Dukan Diet seems to really understand people, especially women, and indeed French women, who want results fast. Having been on the diet merry-g-round for a long time now I personally know that I need to see some fast results in the beginning whilst my new regime is taking hold.

There is a quote in the article which states:

“Studies show it is more effective to aim for gradual weight loss as opposed to rapid weight loss”.

They go to say that it is healthier to lose weight slowly. And. It probably is. However, look at the media attention Eddie Maguire and Malcolm Turnbull have had using Chinese herbs for very rapid weight loss, actually around 14- 15 kgs within three weeks.

From what I have learnt we can actually survive on no food for about thirty days and those Chinese herbalists generally say that you should do the fast for four weeks. The idea being that you rest your organs and your digestion and elimination and you allow for repair to these body systems. In this way you are allowing those organs to stabilise and hence be able to function better after the fast.

The key is, at some stage to adopt a healthier eating plan whilst you are fasting. Now. What I have found in dealing with stress is that if a person is stressed then they tend to keep weight on, more as a protective measure, an emotional approach to eating, so they are not selective and do not have the willpower to select health-giving foods over quick carbs and takeaways loaded with fat and sugar. Sure, they taste nice, However, the detriment to one’s health can be enormous. As a treat or a break from a strict routine those foods are fine. Even Michelle Bridges enjoys chocolate and a glass of wine occasionally.

The keys to how to lose weight quickly, given in a 5- point summary in the article are:

  1. Cut out refined carbs – now, I personally know that my body seems to be allergic to carbs and even if I smell a carb I seem to hold onto weight
  2. Control your portions – now this is easier said than done although very necessary. I have tried Lite n Easy and when I received all of the little packages for each day and saw how small the contents were, especially for breakfast, I nearly had a fit. It takes a while to get used to a smaller portion.
  3. Have more meals that focus on protein and vegetables – now I really agree with that one as I love salads and protein and vegetables.
  4. Do boxing? Now this is an out-of-the-box point. Now you could do weights, walking, running, stretching or some other combination But, no. It says: boxing! It’s a preference and the objective is to move more and build muscle at the same time, getting your heart rate up. There are also new theories on exercise that state that you can do your full quota in 12 minutes per week. I think you have to work that one out yourself, and probably with a trainer initially.
  5. And finally, It says: ditch alcohol and stay hydrated. Hmm! Coffee and tea are de-hydrating drinks, why aren’t they mentioned? Stress is one of the most de-hydrating events that happens on a daily basis and people are not aware of this. Dehydration is the cause of so many aches and pains and inflammation, and hance the cause of disease that not to mention that here is an outrage.

When people are giving advice about weight loss or exercise they approach it from a: one-size-fits-all, but this may need to be adjusted for each individual’s preferences.

The solution for weight management is and always has been the same: eat less and move more! That’s it pretty much.

The bigger question is: why do you have the weight in the first place? To me, the answer is simple: you are stressed in some way, either, emotionally, mentally, physically or spiritually and unless and until you do something about the hidden underlying cause of your stress you will not be able to be truly successful long-term in anything!!!

In summary, the article says what you would expect a responsible person to say. It makes sense. The facts are accepted by the general medical profession and health professionals.

From my point of view as a stress resolution specialist you need to deal with the stress first and then the person will gain the benefits of the eating and exercising plan.That is why I say: you do not need to change: your diet, your exercise or your lifestyle first. You need to address your stress issues first and the rest will follow.

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