In this article on sleep tells you how you cannot possibly bene healthy if you are not getting enough sleep and it tells of the symptoms and what to expect when you are sleep deprived.

As a Stress Resolution Specialist, my job is to get to the bottom of why a person is not seeping well, and sure, these situational effects do limit the degree of rejuvenated, restful and restorative sleep a person may get. However, if the person is deeply stressed at the emotional level and has not been able to eliminate the issues behind their stress, it will not matter how many hours sleep they get because their body/mind will never be truly repaired such that they can benefit from sleep. Theoretically, if a person could get between 71/2 and 9 hours restorative sleep every night there would be no discussion on this topic. However, because so many people are deeply stressed this topic will remain open for discussion whereas the easy solution is to get to the root cause of your stress and then everything else will fall into place.

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