Theoretically, if you got enough sleep, the refreshing rejuvenating kind, then no other therapies would be needed as we mend and repair overnight. However, what has happened over a life time for an individual is that stress has been built up and the person has not been able to release the real cause of their stress. They may be doing all kinds of things to alleviate stress such as: taking a walk, having a massage to eating and exercising according to the latest guidelines, but even after they do all of that they are still affected by stress.

Why is this so? It is not the fact they are not getting enough sleep! It is because they have not resolve the issues that are causing their stress in the first place. Stress is about survival. It occurs initially when a child is unable to fully express their emotions at an early age and they hold onto the emotions and create beliefs around those feelings. These then turn into -patterns of behaviour and if they keep repeating these patterns then the stress that has not been fully released will continue to affect their body/mind.

So sure, you need enough sleep. However, the answer to resolve your stress is deeper than this. There is some useful information about sleep and the stats below.


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