Research indicates, and well-known scientists have contributed to this literature, that we now know for certain that, the basis of stress can be described as resulting from a person holding unresolved negative issues, beliefs, patterns of behaviour, self-destructive tendencies, self-sabotage and all forms of negative emotions. Stress is caused by your beliefs!
In fact, a large part of our information has been ascribed to eminent biologist Dr Bruce Lipton who stated that these unresolved issues, which have an emotional charge attached are in fact, stored at the cellular level in the DNA.
He goes on to say that there would be no stress if we did not hold these unresolved issues within our body/mind.This means that THE only effective way to resolve stress permanently and gain relief of any kind is to RELEASE these hidden underlying issues which keep us repeating unwanted patterns of behaviour.

Dr Lipton states: ‘the underlying causes of us not achieving what we want,
or repeating negative patterns of behaviour that are no longer helpful, is because of the negative beliefs that are stored at the cellular level in the body.


Over 90% of what affects our thoughts, feelings and actions are unconscious memories stored in our bodies’.

Because these patterns are negative, i.e. we have stored only negative beliefs, this means that we have encoded ourselves to fail, or not truly succeed. Because these patterns are negative and for some reason we have continued to focus on these types of beliefs, when the situation gets tough, we automatically bring to the fore, a negative response, because this has been encoded in our systems.

So, what this means is that we can never be truly successful unless and until, we address these underlying negative beliefs and patterns of behaviour.

So, what are some of these underlying issues and how can we best treat them?

Many books and articles have outlined what types of negative beliefs incur negative patterns, and it appears that the most common types of negative beliefs fall into these categories:

can-you-resolve21. I’m not good enough
2. I don’t deserve love
3. I am unforgivable
4. People are out to get me
5. Life is unfair
6. I must prove myself
7. I must control everything
8. I am damaged goods
9. I am worthless.

These types of negative beliefs fall into categories that generally revolve around not being able to express these types of emotions such as: goodness, peace, love, patience, kindness, self-control, humility, trust and joy. If you are feeling lack in any of these areas you will be experiencing stress, and the feeling of lack of emotion will generally have a negative belief attached to it.

can-you-resolve3The negative belief about yourself has resulted from interpretations that you have made, and decisions you have made, around those interpretations, stemming from negative statements from your primary care-giver, generally your parents. These beliefs have been stored within your body/mind at the cellular level from a very early age, generally between the ages of 0 – 6.

The interesting thing to point out here is that these stressful events that happened, can be considered to be traumas,to our body or our person.

The Macquarie Dictionary defines trauma as:

‘a bodily injury; psychologically a startling experience which has a lasting effect on mental life; or a shock.’

can-you-resolve4The Macquarie Thesaurus states that a trauma is either and injury or a psychic disturbance.

To a child, a parent, whom they trust and admire, and want to please, saying something such as: ‘you will never amount to any good’ will definitely have a traumatic effect on a child, irrespective of the fact that we, as adults, might define trauma as something that is more impactful, such as being in a war.

So, necessarily, when we speak of underlying negative issues or beliefs, we are in fact, talking about traumas that have affected, and still affect a person today, as an adult, because they keep repeating negative patterns of behaviour that they know are unproductive in today’s world.

To reiterate, these traumas could be small issues, such as feeling insecure,
feeling inadequate, feeling unloved or rejected, right through to large traumas such as PTSD. Each person is affected by stress differently.
A stressful event and the interpretation you place on that event can be very traumatic.These traumas have generally affected us since childhood.
can-you-resolve5We make decisions about how to survive in our environment based on those beliefs.Some of these decisions lead to inappropriate negative beliefs about ourselves and others, and cause us to behave in ways that may not be beneficial, in later life. You keep repeating patterns of behaviour.
If you are stressed you are operating from these negative beliefs.

You are stressed, even if you do not know it or are consciously aware that you are, if you are experiencing: strain, struggle, tension, pain of any kind, have feelings of lack of any kind, have addictions of any kind and keep repeating patterns of behaviour that are not useful.

So, what can we do about it?

How can we release stress permanently from our lives and live in the now and not be constantly reacting from our 6-year-old self?

The key to a successful adult life is to be able to RELEASE permanently those things that are holding us back.

When you RELEASE any of these obstacles, it turbo charges the results that you want to achieve in any area of your life.You have to addressthese unconscious beliefs and patterns so that they are permanently eliminated from your life.

So, how do you do that?

Let me explain by way of example.

can-you-resolve7Say, you have had a stake, a large wooden stick, lodged in your chest for a very long time.This distraction causes you to change your physiology, change your thoughts and change your behaviour in order to work around this obstacle. You have had it a long time and therefore you have gotten used to it and have made allowances on every level for this obstacle.

Just to be clear the stake represents the negative beliefs and resulting negative behaviour patterns, the self-punishment, the self-sabotage, and the resulting negative emotions, all of which you have learned in order to accommodate this initial negative belief about yourself.

The stake will have caused a hole as it forces its’ way into your body.
Your muscles, tissues and bones have adjusted in order to make room for this stake.You may have created soreness and infection around the stake.
It has been affecting your various body systems for years. You have gotten used to the pain and discomfort and disturbance. The stake has been running how you “do” life for years, how you react and respond and in fact, you have altered your innate abilities in order to make allowances for this stake.

So, if you take the stake out, what is left?

A hole that needs to be filled with new information.
Muscles, tissues, bones and organs that need to heal.
Soreness or infection that needs to heal.
However, you will have eliminated the CAUSE of your problems – your underlying negative beliefs.

Taking out the stake is like bursting the boil.
You cannot heal unless, and until, you release the gunk.
When all of the gunk comes out, you are left with the remains of the wound, which also needs to be healed or repaired.

If you do not RELEASE the gunk you will never be stress-free and you will continue to repeat various patterns of behaviour.

The interesting thing here is that many people become so used to and attached to their stake, that when the stake is pulled out, and their friends see that they are different, this ‘wanting to fit in” to a specific environment can be the undoing of any successful release of these patterns. Environment is very important! If you want to stop your drug addiction why would you continue to hang around with people who take drugs?

If you do nothing, and do not release the gunk, you will continue in a pattern of success, failure, success and more failure, never truly achieving what you desire. When you do take action to release these underlying negative beliefs and patterns of behaviour, you will start to move onto the path of success.

The RELEASE of the stake, your underlying beliefs will turbo charge the path to success in your life. The wound that is left will also need to be REPAIRED.

For these reasons you will need, at some stage, to do some REPAIR work in order to fully heal the body, mind, emotions and spirit. (Please visit our website to read about the REPAIR work.)

What do you need to do?

You will need to be able to identify the most worrying patterns of behaviour, the ones that you know trigger your stress response mechanism, and then also outline how you would like to feel instead. In every process, in every healing methodology that has been successful, it involves a conscious part and an unconscious part. You need to be able to say, e.g. ‘When my mother said “x” to me when I was three, I know I felt very hurt.’ In this way, if you feeling hurt, is a recurring feeling when a stressful event occurs, then, by releasing this one issue, you may well find that all other related “hurtful” issues, will also be released and resolved.

So, in Summary:

can-you-resolve6The three things that I want you to remember are:

  1. You will never be truly successful until you release your core underlying negative beliefs
  2. These underlying beliefs can cause illness and disease because they are “stuck” in your cellular memory
  3. Releasing these failure mechanisms – the negative beliefs, once and for all will guarantee you a more successful life

The main point being, if you do not take action now to release your negative patterns of behaviour, they will continue to keep you down, and keep you never truly succeeding at what you desire. The other point is that
when you do take action you will be choosing a life full of success.You will be back in control of your life, and you will be more resilient, have greater energy, and be able to make better decisions.

If you would like more information on how you might RELEASE your underlying beliefs, please visit our website in the link below, or simply click on the video link below.

Celine Healy

Stress Resolution Expert
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