This is a terrific journal that gives you upp-to-date information on how you can be happy and what you need to do to reduce stress, which is at the basis of all unhappiness. Take a look below. It is worth the purchase as the book and its’ tips will guide you through for many years to come.

Discover the positive steps you can take to increase and insure the joy, contentment, and satisfaction you get from each day.

Abraham Lincoln said, “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Today, researchers are confirming that assessment. Although some of your temperament is genetic, a large percentage is under your control. In short, your happiness is up to you.

In Positive Psychologya Special Health Report from Harvard Medical School, you’ll find out how positive psychology is helping men and women use their strengths and heighten their awareness to develop happiness and fulfillment.

What makes you happy? Why does your heart “jump for joy”? How do some people bounce back from adversity so much more quickly than others? You’ll get the answers, and more importantly, you’ll get authoritative guidance for cultivating your own happiness and sense of well-being.

Positive Psychology will help you identify your unique strong points. You’ll gain an appreciation for the role of gratitude. And you’ll explore the key role of “mindfulness,” the ability to live fully in the moment without judgment.

The report sheds light on obstacles to happiness that you can effectively sidestep. It offers happiness-building strategies for staying “in the flow.” And it shares the keys to savouring the treasures in life, both big and small.

Order your copy of Positive Psychology now. You’ll be happy you did!

Inside Positive Psychology, you’ll discover…

  • The five strengths most closely linked to happiness
  • Successful ways to overcome pleasure-robbing distractions
  • Strategies for staying engaged and for enriching daily activities
  • The happiness/health connection: The power of positive emotions
  • How to assess your happiness: A revealing one-minute survey
  • Three things that won’t make you happy — and three that will


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