Busy people unfortunately are sometimes too busy to take time to do anything about stress. Because they think it will l take too much time they avoid it or do not actively seek out remedies.

The Active Times recently published a list of these stress-busters for busy people. Here is that list: connect with loved ones, write everything down, eat properly, use natural remedies, learn to breathe, meditate, exercise, drink tea, plan something for fun, and listen to music.

Now. Even though people are busy they do in fact do a lot of these things, yet they are still stressed. Now why would that be? Does that mean that the list needs to be much longer and busy people need to be constantly vigilant in order to incorporate even more things into their daily schedule?

Quite frankly it does not matter how long or short the list is it will never be enough. Why would that be?

I agree that people need to do these things, however, it does not mean that they will be less stressed. It means that they will be doing the best they can to overcome the perceived stress according to the experts.

To me, when trying to resolve stress from your life, you want to make it:

  • easy
  • you want to make it as simple as possible, and
  • you want do just one thing well and master that… that one thing that will make all the difference.

And that one thing is you need to learn how to breathe properly.

When a stressful event occurs or a stressor trigger is enacted, what occurs is a pattern of behaviour that is being reinforced every time something stressful occurs. Physiologically, what happens when you respond to stress is this: the event hits the senses, the picture sends a message to the heart and attaches an emotion. It then picks up other intuitive messages. It is relayed back to the brain and then a chemical reaction occurs. What happens also is that the person generally gasps for air at the same time. So, each time a stressful event occurs and a response is made this pattern of behaviour is reinforced. So, what this means is that over time our breathing becomes shallow and therefore we are not receiving enough oxygen. Our breathing mechanism becomes locked and we therefore do not use our breathing apparatus effectively. This become a new habit – incorrect breathing.

Since breathing is one of the subconscious’ functions, this “bad” pattern becomes ingrained in this aspect of our brains. It has been found that in order to change a pattern of behaviour we need to be able to retrain our subconscious in some way. It has also been found that the link between the conscious (our thinking, planning and reasoning mind) and the subconscious mind is through our breath. Therefore, in order to be able to take charge of our subconscious and change this “bad” pattern, we need to learn how to breathe properly.

Babies breathe properly and fully as they have not yet learned bad habits. You too can learn how to breathe properly. When you do this, you will also unlock some of the programs that have been holding you back from achieving what you want.

Do you want to be crazy busy all of your life without having any control over events? Or. Do you want to be able to control your busy life so that even though your life may busy, it is fulfilling?

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Celine Healy

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