Look. All of this list is exactly what I would write about the signs and symptoms of stress. In fact, these are my favourite ones to list. The important issue here is – how many lists do you need to read in order to confirm that you are stressed? I think the majority of people are saying they are affected by stress in some way. However, what appears to be the difference is that they are not recognising that stress leads to dis-ease and disease. In fact, up to 95% of ALL diseases are stress-related. So, the important point here is- take stock and actually do something about it because there are ways to resolve stress, not merely manage it effectively. If you continue down the path and do not take action, some kind of disease is inevitable. When you do take action to resolve your stress permanently the benefits physically, mentally and emotionally are enormous.

Take a read and see what you can learn and out into practice as soon as possible before it is too late.

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Celine Healy

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