Thank you for offering to be a WNA Online Event | Business Insights

I have much pleasure in confirming the details of the online session, which is
being held on Tuesday, 14 March, 2017.

The topic you will be presenting on is ‘Stress To Success In Just Five Easy Steps’.

Thank you Celine for sharing your expertise with the Women’s Network
Australia members who recently attended our Hour of Power forum. Your
stress busting techniques and strategies are both unique and innovative and
everyone who participated gained so much from the knowledge you
imparted. Your departure from the stayed and traditional methods commonly
used to eliminate stress gave everyone a fresh perspective on how to
handle the stress of the 24/7 world we now all live in. The content of your
presentation and strategies are essential for businesswomen across the globe.

Lynette Palmen AM

Advancing Women, Mentor, Board Member.