‘Resolving Stress the Scientific Way’

Thanks so much for coming to share your journey and your insights at our CPA seminar series recently.
It was refreshing and helpful to hear your journey in your career.

As someone who has battled burn-out and career/ organisation fit I am always encouraged to hear another person’s journey to wholeness and well-being. I would love to hear more …

I found Celine’s talk at the CPA discussion seminar helpful. It was helpful to understand the scientific effects of stress on the body, the link between the conscious and subconscious mind taking deep breaths as a necessary and simple remedy to help relieve stress.

Spending 80% of your time and energy on your innate skills and abilities was also a key resonating statement.

It was encouraging to hear Celine’s journey and career path from stress to a place of empowerment which lead to a healthier wellbeing, lifestyle, change in career path to writing a book and starting her own business.

Thank you for sharing your career and personal journey with us Celine.