“How to Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life”

The Parramatta Commerce and Industry CPA Discussion group received a
presentation from Celine Healy covering Stress in the Workplace.

Celine explained her journey from accountant to stress resolution coach and

identified the key strategies to help manage and reduce stress.

Celine was successful in explaining how accountants are subjected to daily
stresses and how important it is to reduce and overcome its negative factors.
She also emphasised how stress can impact your health and wellbeing,
performance and motivation.

Celine made a very good connection with the group and demonstrated
techniques to help reduce stress. She also demonstrated a stress management
software tool that monitors stress levels which would be invaluable in
measuring stress and its reduction.

Our CPA Discussion group thoroughly enjoyed the night and came away with

techniques to help reduce their stress levels, resulting in an improvement in
health and wellbeing.

John Bligh – Convenor