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Moving on is always about letting go.
Let go and have a great weekend.

Feeling safe and secure is one way to melt
away the stresses of the outside world.
Prepare for your best weekend yet.

Sometimes we need to move backwards or stay
put and reflect before we can move forward.
Prepare for a fabulous weekend.

Bringing yourself out of the troubles
of the day can take effort – however,
happiness is a conscious effort.
Do something great this weekend.

That is one of the prime signs of stress –
struggling – this will only bring “stuckness”.
I hope the weekend brings you new adventures.

One of the biggest issues for people with
stress is the need to control anything.
Yet the greatest amount of control you can have is to
realise that you really cannot control everything –
so real control is to let go and let GOD.
May your weekend bring you a lack of control.

Stress is due to our perceptions of life
and how we have been treated. Changing
perception could be one giant step forward
for mankind. Weekend is coming… yeah!

A picture is worth more – seeing the
actions and not necessarily hearing the words.
Make your weekend worth a thousand pictures.

Seeing faults in others means you
are seeing what you do. Good luck
with the new shoes. Bring on the weekend!

Life cages us anyway. To be totally
free and to be able to soar like a bird
entails lots of letting go. On this weekend
let go and let great happen!

To me freedom is choice. It is mastery.
It is taking responsibility and allowing your
innate spirit to inhabit your body/mind. Sometimes
going to church on the weekend can be uplifting
and can help move towards feeling free.

I do not think the God person bothers
with this kind of stuff – always judging and
telling us what we deserve – you need a new
script writer. Have a fun weekend!

Perhaps they have Alzheimer’s. Sitting
out on a branch in the cold of winter
does not do it for me.
Have a great weekend.

 Unfortunately, we are constantly wishing we
were better or someone else or had more
of this or that. Self-acceptance may be a
better approach. I hope the weekend can bring you your wishes.

This is a very complicated field. We only allow
things because of the limiting way we have
been brought up. I’d suggest reflecting in
church to ponder the possibilities here.

There is safety in numbers and who would
want to fly into snow anyway? I hope your
weekend sees you somewhere safe
and warm and friendly.

You don’t have to practice stress it is automatic.
Now practising peace is harder to do and
therefore generally a second or no choice.
Have yourself a peaceful weekend

I love this one because if you were not
breathing you would not be smiling. Letting go
is much harder. Of course, if you were not
breathing letting go is so much easier.
The weekend is nearly here!

The trouble is that the probability of it
actually happening is remote. You wake
up as a fairy princess….Come on!
In your dreams on the weekend!

This is a choice. Both freedom and forgiveness
is a choice. Many are not able to reach
either state due to the stresses in their lives.
Bless your own life and have a great weekend.

I like this too. Drama means a person is
not aware and therefore not present.
Keep away from these people especially
on the weekends!

Being stuck allows you to keep whinging.
Who knows, This might be a more preferable
place. I hope you can fly on the weekend.

This is such a simple message
and is deeply rewarding. The
weekend is near now.

Don’t collect them. Give them. They
do not cost anything but they give
you character lines. Nearly at the weekend now.

Having an attitude of gratitude always
wins out. Be grateful for this weekend.

Yes. A faithful friend is a blessing. Why not
makefriends with yourself first and accept
who you are. Have a loving weekend.

It sounds funny but so true! We are in
relationship with our stress and we tend
to keep it by us every day.

Get ready for a great weekend!

Overcoming the fear and actually making
decision is key to achieving.

Have a great weekend.

Choices mean a particular path.
One choice takes you away from a path…
this means that you can live well
when you make a decision.
Have a great weekend.

Feeding your body with healthy food,
thoughts and feelings with make your
house warm and lovely. Bring on the weekend.

Having a pet and cuddling them daily
reduces stress by 40%.
Bring on the weekend.  

Because stress has weakened our
ability to know who we are at a deep
level knowing this and accepting
yourself is one major step forward.
Have a cute bird weekend!

Sometimes that is too hard and
requires too much willpower. Why not
change your feelings instead. It’s easier!
Have a magical weekend.

This is so true! The trick is that you
needto be able to change your vibration
in order for things to change. The weekend
is coming now… yahoo!

To do that means you have let go of major
stresses and negative beliefs in your life…
in the meantime… just try to enjoy yourself.
The weekend is almost here.

 Sounds scary. At east choosing helps you
move out of “stuckness”. Enjoy your weekend –
whatever you choose to do!

This can be for a reason, a season or a
lifetime. Enjoy them while they last.
Blessings for the weekend

Sorry ladies. This could be a woman without
a road map! Such naivety is endearing
but you could run into unnecessary obstacles
if you had planned just a little. All this freedom
stuff is getting me down. I hope the
weekend papers have better stories

Doing more of what makes you happy
could make you eternally drunk, bloated or
have no job. Perhaps you will make
wiser choices on the weekend.

They have already. Take a coffee break
and think about the weekend –
less than two days away now!

Expectations are like hope to people. If
they dared to have any they would not have
any hope. I hope you have a good weekend.

Why? I mean why? Getting it right is so
much more rewarding and gives you warm
fuzzy feelings of achievement.  You can go
out on the weekend and make those mistakes
instead of during the week.

Why not! I mean I spent a lot of money
on working to get those things and the “stuff’
is part of what I am deliberately choosing.
Carrie would not invite these people to her funeral.
Go buy some new shoes on the weekend!

True. When you make a decision the
around that issue moves. However,
it will take more than that to accomplish
all of the
tension leaving your body/mind.
Try a massage on the weekend

Miracles come with a lot of thought, feeling
and actions and then letting go. Getting
out of the way and you may actually miss
the boat. Go sailing on the weekend.

Look. This is all very well. But you
need to take responsibility for how
you feel. No one can make you feel
hurt. Have a great weekend.

I do not know what this means. It implies
that people are conscious and therefore in
charge of what is happening around them and
this is not necessarily so. Bring on the weekend
and instil kindness where you can.

Yes. Create good chaos daily
and assert your energy. You go girl!
Have a great weekend. 

That’s OK. However, it would be good if
you adjusted slightly so that you take
the learning on board and adjust accordingly.
Bring on the weekend!

This brings out warm fuzzy feelings
when I read this. Make your weekend
just like this!