Coaching/Training Programs for Individuals

The Coaching/Training Packages offered here – these STRESS RESOLUTION Programs are specifically designed around Celine’s “From Stress to Success Model” of wellness to help you get back in control of your work/life balance permanently and get to a position of FLOW. (Flow is a place where you can create whatever you want in life, easily and effortlessly). Celine’s techniques and methods differ from traditional stress management methodologies, because, not only are they scientifically researched and have proven results, they also help you repair your physiology and your nervous system, and they also help you identify and then release the underlying issues that are the real cause of your stress. This helps you move towards total awareness which is being in a state of true success, so you can avoid falling back into repetitive, negative behaviours which are often made worse by the pressures of your work life.

The SECRET to going from a position of STRESS to SUCCESS/FLOW – whereby everything comes to you easily and effortlessly is twofold:

A. your happiness and success in life are directly tied to the wellbeing of your physical body and your energy levels, and

B. you have to deprogram and reprogram “stuff” in your life so that you create new patterns of wellness and success.

This is why Celine’s Coaching/Training Packages succeed and resolve stress permanently rather than just “manage” stress. (For a more detailed overview and Rationale of the From Stress to Success Model and the steps involved and why health, healing and increased energy lead to well-being and to your overall success and why you need to take one step at a timeto achieve lasting, permanent success-Click Here.)

STRESS RESOLUTION brings you three main benefits:

  • Increased ENERGY from the moment you wake until the moment you sleep
  • The feeling of having MORE TIME in your day
  • A sense of CONTROL in what happens around you and to you…and many, many more benefits.


Celine will show you how – take advantage of the from STRESS TO SUCCESS programs today!!
They work! They have been scientifically proven to work! They simply work! (To read the Research Click here!)

Coaching/Training Packages available:

There are two packages available for individuals: REPAIR and RELEASE. If you have the opportunity and want to turbo-charge your results it is recommended that both packages be completed.
Please click through to the separate packages for more detailed information about what each package will help you accomplish.

Step 1 of “The From Stress to Success Model”
The REPAIR Package –
The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution

To learn more – Click here

To learn more – Click here

Step 2 of “The From Stress to Success Model”
The RELEASE Package –
The 28 Day Gaining Success Habits Solution

How You Can Make This Your Best Year Yet and Achieve The Success You Truly Desire

Here is what business women have to say

about Celine Healy and the STRESS TO SUCCESS programs!

Melissa T., 33

Richmond, NSW, Australia
‘I was feeling guilty that I was a bad mother because I was unable to relate to my daughter. I realised that this was a pattern that I was repeating because I felt the same with my mother. Doing these simple breathing exercises helped me gain awareness of what my patterns were and I am now able to resolve any issues which surface, because as soon as I move out of “love” and into “fear” I know I am moving into a stress position, so I do my breathing exercises. I have more energy, I sleep better and I am back on control and no longer feel guilty.’

Louise L., 35

Eden, NSW, Australia
‘I was feeling great difficulty in making a decision about whether I should leave my husband. His drinking was creating disharmony with myself and my children. Through these simple breathing techniques I gained great clarity of what I needed to do. My awareness and perception became crystal clear. I was then able to make a decision that was best for me and the children. If you have an opportunity to do these breathing exercises, do so because your response to stress and how you handle it will changed forever.’

Susan H.

Business Owner, Retail Clothing
‘I was run ragged trying to do everything in my business. I’d become a control freak. I was exhausted, spending too much time on my business and away from my family, and even after all that effort my business had stagnated. Then I found Celine’s program. Boy was I surprised! I am now smiling all of the time. I have huge amounts of energy and my business is booming. I am not spending anywhere near the amount of time I was in the office and I now have a hobby and am back at the gym. I highly recommend this program!’