REPAIR Package – The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution

This REPAIR Package has the backing of over fifty years’ scientific research and has proven results worldwide. The techniques are guaranteed to work for you. In order to achieve proven results, you need to be able to measure, monitor and see the changes, not just “guess” what is happening for you in a subjective way. How you change and improve is very individual and depends on how you respond to stress as an individual. We use your own pulse to measure how stressed you are and you will be able to witness your progress over time with your stress monitoring device.

It is a very practical course/training, which involves you, the client, completing daily exercises for a period of time. This process helps you change how you respond to stress and helps you retrain your body/mind in that you will be laying down new synapses/new success pathways in the brain. The new pathways offer more positive ways to adapt to stressor triggers so that you will be able to choose how you will respond to stress, rather than being buffered around against your will. You gain life time skills and if you do the work as required, you will never again be affected by a stressful situation in the same way you were previously.

The diagrams show that when you are feeling positive your heart rate variability runs smoothly and when you are feeling stressed out your heart rate variability becomes jagged and erratic.

The REPAIR Package is based on the From Stress to Success Model of wellness and success which Celine developed over time as she wanted to get the best products and services that that would get the best results for clients as quickly as possible, and those which were scientifically proven. Celine’s hypothesis is that when you repair your physiology first you lay the foundations for increased energy, increased resilience to stress and a permanent pathway to achieving the success you truly desire, in any area of your life.

Under stress your body/mind suffers enormously. For this reason, we concentrate on repairing your physiology first, because if your body/mind is in disrepair you will not be able to function at optimal level and your energy levels will be low, and in fact, leaking on a daily basis. We show you how to stop the energy leaks and gain more energy daily and increase your resilience to the effects of stress so that you will:

  • Feel better
  • Get better sleep, and
  • Feel happier than you have in years… and many more effects.

What to expect when you do that is:

  • You will have increased your energy,
  • have a sense of increased self-awareness and
  • increased resilience to stressor triggers.
  • In this way, you will feel a sense of achievement and well-being- and that is the entire point, because you can physically see for yourself how stressed you are and you can also gauge your success daily and weekly.

What you get in the REPAIR Package:

  • 5 individual personal Skype sessions
  • The REPAIRing Your Physiology Workbook RDF
  • Stress Resolution Exercises – The Heart Math User Guide PDF
  • The “From Stress to Success Model” overview PDF
  • The Hand-held Stress Monitoring Device
  • Encouragement emails during the 6-week course
  • Email support for 3 months

GIFT: To help celebrate your decision to resolve stress permanently in your life, once and for all –you will receive a FREE Gift of Chocolate Dipped Strawberries.

Improvements in mental and emotional well-being in over 5,500 people in just 6 weeks.

What you get in the REPAIR Package:

5 Individual personal Skype sessions 875
The REPAIRing Your Physiology Workbook PDF 30
Stress Resolution Exercises – User Guide PDF 30
The “From Stress to Success Model” overview PDF 20
The Hand-held Stress Monitoring Device 310
Bonus Group Training Session and encouragement emails during the 6-week course 110
Email support for 3 months 115

Pay in Full 1,490

Pay by Instalments
over 2 months 3 x 557

Pay in Full (AUD $1,990)

Payment Plan / Installment

(AUD $2,297.00)

(Deposit $997 + 2 payments of $650 )

This works out at less than 5 dollars per day over a year to have your stress resolved permanently in approximately 37 days! Is your health and well-being worth that amount? How much are you spending on ways to manage stress: on massages, on alcohol, on coffee and cakes and sweets, on drugs or on medications? Is this working for you? Is your health worth a permanent fix, once-and-for-all?

If so, click on one of the Buttons here and invest in your health and well-being and get started on your journey back to fabulous health. Get back in control of your work/life balance with increased energy and increased resilience to stress. Book your session times now!

Frequently Asked Questions About the REPAIR Coaching/Training Package- The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution:

What is the REPAIR Coaching/Training Package?
The REPAIR Coaching/Training Package– is a series of personal, individual coaching/training sessions, utilizing tools and techniques to help you retrain your physiology so that you stress response mechanism is back under control, so that, by the end of the training sessions, you will be back in control of how and when you respond to stress.

When you are stressed you are out of control, you lose time and you have little energy or focus for your personal life or indeed, your business life. This step involves you gaining life-time skills and teaches you how to self-regulate how you will respond to stress. This is about permanent stress resolution.

Why do we start on REPAIR first?
We start on REPAIR first because when people start a program they like to see tangible results and they like to know that they are getting benefit immediately. Because stress is the basis of up to 95% of all dis-ease and disease, the first step is to be able to gain control over your stress response mechanism. Once this has happened you will feel back in control and that is the point. Loss of control is one of the biggest issues that people complain about: loss of control over work-life balance, and so on. Doing REPAIR first gives you tools and techniques that you can implement yourself at any time, once you have mastered these. You will feel a sense of accomplishment when you do this step first. It is about achieving life-time skills for dealing with whatever comes up for you over the years and how effectively you can deal with those issues. Because you will have learned the techniques they will stand you in good stead forever!

What specifically do I do in a session? How do I know it is working?
For these sessions you will receive, as part of your package, a hand-held stress monitoring device, by which you will be able to gauge how well you are doing on a daily basis.

There is no guess-work here. The device monitors how you are responding individually. You will be able to measure how stressed you are at any time of the day or night and then use the hand-held device to help you move to a more productive state.

You will learn different techniques each week and measure and monitor your progress within the hand-held device as well as in your personal REPAIR workbook.

When can I expect to see results?
Results are determined by the amount of work you do on a daily basis. If you are committed to changing your life once and for all, then make the commitment to do whatever it takes and record your progress daily.

Most people see instant benefits and report sleeping better within the first week. The end result you achieve will depend on how much practice you complete daily. You can have dramatic improvements in wellbeing within a two-week period providing you do the necessary work. Everything is set out for you in easy to follow booklets. You will definitely feel better on every level within a five-six-week period.

Will I gain increased resilience to stress and will my energy increase?
The entire REPAIR program of coaching/training sessions is designed so that you gain increased energy as we will be helping you stop the energy leaks from your body/mind. When this happens, at the same time, you are increasing your resilience to stress. What that means is that you will no longer be at the mercy of automatic responses. You will be able to choose how, if, when or whether you will respond to a stressful situation.

What other benefits can I expect?
There are many benefits that will be gained and these include and are not limited to:

  • Increased restful and rejuvenating sleep
  • Increased energy and decreased fatigue
  • Decreased anxiety and depression
  • Increased focus, clarity and concentration
  • Feeling better and more healthy
  • Overall increase in well being
  • Having s sense of increased time to complete tasks
  • Feeling that your life is back in control once more
  • Better relationships
  • A feeling of freedom to choose what and how you want to live

… and many more.

The REPAIRing Your Physiology Workbook

is a work book for recording your progress on a day-to-day basis.

The booklet outlines in detail the philosophy of the REPAIR Coaching/Training Package as it is the first step of the From Stress to Success Model of wellness and success. The basis of this step, REPAIR, is that your physiology and your energy are tied up intrinsically with success in every area of your life. If your body/mind is unwell you will not be able to perform at your best and hence not be able to achieve the success that you might desire. If you do not have enough energy you will not be able to give of your best and will be constantly seeking ways to avoid expending energy of any kind.

Part of the philosophy of the From Stress to Success Model of wellness and success is that in order to make permanent change in your behaviour, your patterns of response and your beliefs you firstly need to deprogram and reprogram. You deprogram from these old habits and patterns and you reprogram in new habits and desired patterns of behaviour. So, in essence we use pattern interruption techniques that help access that part of the brain that controls your automatic functions. These functions are governed by the autonomic nervous system and also which houses the stress response mechanism. When you are stressed you are operating from a failure mode. When you are out of stress and into positive modes of feeling and thinking, you are moving to a state of success.

From a practical point of view the REPAIR Work Booklet also contains weekly schedules set out for ease of recording your daily practise with the techniques required.It also helps you measure and monitor your progress in that at the start you record your overall goals/objectives of where you would like to be/feel at the end of the six-week time period. It also helps you become more aware by having you set out your ailments at the beginning, then each week you record how you feel, what you have observed and what new awarenesses you have. At the end of the program you then match up what you wanted to achieve with how you were in the beginning and what progress you made.

Also too, you will receive a Hand-Held Stress Monitoring Device whereby every day you measure visibly how stressed you are, then you do the exercises and you will see on the screen how you are progressing. Eventually you will be able to achieve coherence, a state of balance between the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual states. Your awareness will increase and you will start to notice what has been triggering your stress responses and then you will be able to choose how you will respond to stress in the future instead of being led indiscriminately.

These techniques and methodologies are all scientifically researched and proven over 50 years in over 100 countries with remarkable results.

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‘I was feeling great difficulty in making a decision about whether I should leave my husband. His drinking was creating disharmony with myself and my children. Through these simple breathing techniques, I gained great clarity of what I needed to do. My awareness and perception became crystal clear. I was then able to make a decision that was best for me and the children. If you have an opportunity to do these breathing exercises, do so because your response to stress and how you handle it will changed forever.’                            Louise L., 35, Eden, NSW, Australia

‘I was run ragged trying to do everything in my business. I’d become a control freak. I was exhausted, spending too much time on my business and away from my family, and even after all that effort my business had stagnated. Then I found Celine’s program. Boy was I surprised! I am now smiling all of the time. I have huge amounts of energy and my business is booming. I am not spending anywhere near the amount of time I was in the office and I now have a hobby and am back at the gym. I highly recommend this program!’
Susan H., 35   Business Owner, Retail Clothing

‘I was feeling guilty that I was a bad mother because I was unable to relate to my daughter. I realised that this was a pattern that I was repeating because I felt the same with my mother. Doing these simple breathing exercises helped me gain awareness of what my patterns were and I am now able to resolve any issues which surface, because as soon as I move out of “love” and into “fear” I know I am moving into a stress position, so I do my breathing exercises. I have more energy, I sleep better and I am back on control and no longer feel guilty.’    Melissa T., 33,   Richmond, NSW, Australia

'I recently completed the 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution in our corporate group. When I started the course, I was tired all of the time, had low back pain, headaches, I felt drained, worried and had difficulty staying on tasks. My goal was to feel energised and have reduced pain and be more focused and to stay on task. I am happy to say that I did achieve these things, and I am also sleeping better and coping with stress and am “rolling with the punches” and not getting upset easily I am more alert and not so reactive and have more focus.'  Fiona C.  NSW, Australia

'I first heard Celine speak about Stress Resolution and thought that I would engage her for our organisation to help our staff overcome the stress they indicated they had especially due to the new structural changes that had been instigated.

I was anxious and had a lot of tension in my neck and shoulder area and was pretty much fatigued.

I am now feeling relaxed and the neck and shoulder pain and tension has been reduced. I am feeling more energised. I am not allowing myself to get overwhelmed. I was surprised at what I had accomplished in such a short amount of time. '  David P,  NSW, Australia

'I presented with stiff neck and felt drained. After doing the course for 6 weeks I now feel more energised, less reactive and more connected. I am feeling more in control and feel happier than I have for a long time.'  Kim N,  NSW, Australia