Overview Coaching & Training Packages

The packages which Celine offers are specifically designed around her wellness model:”The From Stress to Success Model, and include practice of the exercises necessary to help clients achieve success in any area of their lives. How Celine’s techniques and methods differ from other methodologies is that she helps the client get to the hidden, underlying, real issues which are the cause of on-going stress. This effects permanent change in the areas of the brain that creates new patterns of behaviour and new neural pathways.

In order to gain the success you truly desire these packages are to be completed in a specific order.

The first step to take is the REPAIR Package – The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution.

Experts say that for humans to be successful there are two aspects that they need to instigate in order to achieve that. Firstly, they need to REPAIR their physiology because every emotion, thought or action affects the physical body.

And since we now know that our thoughts and emotions are affecting us at the cellular level, we need to “mend” our body/minds initially to get true success.

Secondly, in order to achieve success, we also need to increase our energy levels. When we speak about that, we are speaking about energy at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. And that is precisely what you will be doing in REPAIR Package – The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution.

*When the REPAIR Package – The 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution- has been completed the next step of “The From Stress to Success Model” to be taken, is, the RELEASE Package – The 28 Day Gaining Success Habits Solution needs to be taken, and in that order!

97% of other success programs fail because they do not get to the real cause of the issues underlying stress, and this results in your default failure programming mechanism being activated. You have to deprogram and reprogram if you want to achieve lasting success. This is why Celine’s Coaching & Mentoring Packages succeed and resolve stress permanently.

For: Career Professionals

There are two packages available here:

REPAIR and the RELEASE Packages. With each program, you will experience profound impact on your awareness and your perceptions and how you respond to stress. You will not only feel better and happier than you have in years, on a practical level what we are doing is:

  • Deprogramming your default failure mechanism
  • Teaching you life-skills for increased resilience to stress, how to gain increased energy, have a sense of more time and have greater control over your work/life balance, and many more benefits, and then
  • Reprogramming your neural pathways for lasting success.

If you have the opportunity and want to turbo-charge your results it is highly recommended you do both the REPAIR & RELEASE Packages


For: Corporates & Organisations

A corporation is only as good as its’ leaders and its’ staff. If there is any disharmony at either level then the impact on the bottom line can be enormous.

Research indicates that:

  • Up to 86% of workers are depressed on some level ranging from mild to severe
  • Billions of dollars are wasted on absenteeism and retraining of new staff due to staff turnover
  • 50% of workers feel that their employers do not care about their well-being or value their contribution

How can your organisation be as productive, efficient, or profitable, if this applies to you and your organisation or firm?


What to expect from Celine’s Coaching/Training?


60% Decrease in Depression


30% Improvement in Sleep


46% Decrease in Anxiety


50% Decrease in Fatigue