Wellness Quiz – How Are You Coping With Stress?

Please tick the most appropriate answer. Assign the following points to each category. Add up the total at the end. Then listen to the video to learn about what your result means and how you can resolve your stress issues easily and effortlessly.

a. 1-point    b. 2- points     c. 3- points    d. 4- points

Welcome to your Wellness Quiz

1. How well do you sleep?

4. How is your ability to focus, to concentrate and be really clear?

2. How much energy do you have?

3.  Do you feel you have enough time to complete tasks? 

Your new question!

5.  How quick are you to react and become angry? 

 6. Do you feel you are becoming more depressed?

7. How easy is it to achieve your goals?

8.  How successful and happy do you feel? 

9.  How much tension do you have in your body/mind?

10.  How much control do you feel you have in your work & personal life?


  • < 12 you are in FLOW and are affected by stress only 10% of the time. You become involved in projects and use up a lot of energy during that time but can easily reset and get back to normal when the project has been completed.
  • 13- 22 you are at Thriving and are affected by stress between 40 – 50% of the time. You still have some energy problems and struggle through the day. However, you do get back to normal within a reasonable amount of time.
  • 23 – 32 you are at Surviving and are affected by stress up to 70% of the time. You are often exhausted and dragging yourself through the day. You do not really get back into balance easily
  • 33 you are struggling and can be affected by stress up to 100% of the time. You are most likely in overwhelm and have several addictions. It would be very difficult for you to get back into balance easily. If you wanted to do any of these programs it is suggested that you ring Celine to discuss your options.

Stress Destroys Lives!

For more information on how these programs might benefit you please contact Celine via the website: www.stresstosuccess.com.au and send an email of telephone.

Best regards

Celine Healy

Stress Resolution Specialist