At present the first in a series of webinars is available for your perusal.

This first FREE webinar is titled: Boost Success in All Areas of Your Life, and it covers three main points:

  1. What is stress and the effects of this debilitating issue on your work/life balance- how stress is robbing you of the success you desire.
  2. The first step of her model: REPAIR and what and why you need to do this step first – when you repair your physiology first both your emotional state and your mental state will automatically follow and also be improved, and then
  3. An overview of the whole model of wellness, “From Stress to Success Model” – the next easy steps to complete in your journey to total well-being – what you might consider after you have completed the REPAIR and the RELEASE segments.


This webinar explains in detail the importance of resolving stress permanently in your life and why this is such an important topic for discussion. Celine aims to inform and educate because stress is such a vitally important topic and one which has been treated lightly for far too long, and which is the basis of up to 95% of all disease.

Please note: At the end of this particular webinar the SPECIAL OFFER is no longer available as it was SOLD OUT.