RELEASE Package – The 28 Day Gaining Success Habits Solution

This package is the second step to be taken after the REPAIR Package

When you RELEASE the hidden underlying negative beliefs, emotions and patterns of behaviour that are the “real” cause of your stress and which are holding you back, and which are no longer serving you, you will experience great freedom and a new sense of awareness and control over your life!

This is the second step of “The From Stress to Success Model” of wellness and success. In the first step, REPAIR, it is necessary to mend your physiology first in order to experience increased energy, health and well-being. This second step, RELEASE, is needed to clear out the old “stuff” that keeps you stuck in repetitive negative behaviours.

It is recommended that if you are finally ready to start to take charge of your life, that you undertake both Packages – the REPAIR &the RELEASE Packages.

Imagine how you will feel once you are creating new patterns that will retrain your automatic nervous system, heal your heart, increase your energy, gain more time, sleep better and increase your baseline resilience to stress so that you will be able to cope better in any situation. And. You finally get to release the major, hidden, underlying negative beliefs and patterns of behaviours that are holding you back. This combination of both the REPAIR and the RELEASE Packages will turbo-charge your results. You will be a changed person!

(Please note: In some cases, people who are suffering from extreme cases of: depression, anxiety, are severely affected by addictions or PTSD, you may need to do the RELEASE Step first, before the REPAIR step. In these special cases, you would need to discuss your personal situation with Celine. So please call to discuss your options in these special cases.)

This RELEASE Package is one of the easiest steps, Step 2 of “TheFrom Stress to Success Model” of wellness and success, because, with the help of your Facilitator/Coach, you are guided to those patterns of behavior and beliefs that are the most pertinent and which, when released, will generally have a cascading effect on other more minor issues of repetitive negative behaviour, thoughts, emotions and self-harming actions – just like the collapse of a deck of cards!

Releasing those hidden, underlying issues that are the real cause of your stress will turbo-charge your results that you achieved in the REPAIR Package!

Under stress your body/mind suffers enormously. For this reason, we concentrate on repairing your physiology first and then we help you RELEASE those hidden, underlying issues that are the “real” cause of your stress, those times when you keep repeating negative patterns of behavior that do not serve you anymore and which result in a constant drain on your energy and reserves, and which continue to decrease your overall resilience to stress. These steps all lead to you:

  • Feeling better
  • Getting better and more restful sleep, and
  • Feeling happier than you have in years…among many other benefits.

What to expect when you do that is:

  • you will have a more positive approach to life in general,
  • take greater care of your body/mind,
  • make better decisions,
  • have more focus and concentration,
  • have a sense of increased self-awareness and
  • increased resilience to stressor triggers,
  • have better sleep and feel more refreshed.

In this way, you will feel a sense of achievement. And that is the entire point!

Improvements in mental and emotional well-being, compulsive behaviours, negative patterns, addictions and self-deprecating behaviour in over 5,000 people in as little as three weeks.

What you get in the RELEASE Package:

3 individual personal Skype sessions – RELEASE – approx. 2 hours each 1350
The RELEASE Your Underlying Issues Workbook PDF 30
The “From Stress to Success Model” overview PDF 20
Bonus Group Training Session during the 6 weeks of the sessions 140
Bonus recording of relevant sessions 50
Email support for 3 months 120

Pay in Full 1,710

Pay by Instalments
over 2 months 3 x 633

This works out at approximately 4.50 per day over the next year to have your limiting negative beliefs and patterns of behavior that keep driving your stress, permanently resolved. Is your health and well-being worth that amount? How much are you spending on ways to “manage” stress: on massages, on alcohol, on coffee, cakes and sweets, on drugs or on medications? Is this working for you? Is your health worth a permanent fix, once-and-for-all?

Frequently Asked Questions About the RELEASE Training/Coaching Package – The 28 Day Gaining Success Habits Solution:

What is the RELEASE Coaching/Training Package?
The RELEASE Coaching/Training Package- is a series of personal, individual coaching/training sessions, primarily utilising a combination of guided imagery, kinesiology, EFT or other tools and techniques that help you get to the underlying negative beliefs, patterns of behaviour, negative thoughts and emotions that are the “real” underlying cause of your stress, which you keep repeating, and over which you seem to have no control.

These RELEASE sessions are facilitated by your Coach/Trainer and therefore you are allowing another part of your mind to access these hidden issues in an easy and comfortable manner so that they can be released easily and effortlessly. The amount of effort required by you on a conscious level is much less than in the first step, REPAIR. In effect, you allow the Coach to guide you to the most effective mode of release. There is minimal amount of work involved on your part, which is of great benefit to you as you gain results without the need for daily work.

Why is the RELEASE Step completed second?
Having achieved a sense of control over your body/mind in step 1, REPAIR, an increase in energy and resilience to stress, you are then able to self-regulate how, when, or if, you will respond in a stressful situation.

The next step to gaining permanent overall wellness is to release those things/emotions/events, that set off the stress triggers, over which you do not appear to have any control. It is as though some “other you” takes over, and you keep repeating negative patterns of behaviour. Once these are released you will have even more control over your emotional and mental states, easily and effortlessly.

We do REPAIR first because you get more involved and gain life-time skills for resolving stress and you gain back control over your work-life balance. In the RELEASE step, you turbo-charge your results gained in step one without doing much work at all because your Coach will facilitate your release.
When designing the program, the From Stress to Success Model, I found that it was important for you to be totally involved in the process of retraining your physiology to be gaining life-time skills, be able to self-regulate at will and change your energy levels at will. You get a sense of real achievement when you complete this step first.

With the RELEASE program you, the client, are not learning any specific new skills because your Coach facilitates what you do and how and when you do that. Because of that your body/mind would not have had a chance to retrain and heal, which it a necessity for improved overall wellbeing. You gain increased wellbeing on the RELEASE program, however, your control level is minimal.

Is there any time when the RELEASE Program would be completed first before the REPAIR Program?
Yes. The only real time when step 2, RELEASE, would be completed before step 1, REPAIR, is if a client is in dire need of help due to an extreme condition such as: PTSD or drug dependence of is affected by other addictions and needs extra help to interrupt or stop these destructive patterns of behaviour. Due to the extreme nature of these issues the client really needs extra guidance from the Coach/Facilitator because they generally will not have the necessary skills of “stickability” that is required to complete the REPAIR sessions. A person needs to be in control of their faculties in order to do the REPAIR Program.

After completing Step 2, RELEASE, the client would then go back and complete the REPAIR Program as they would have released the major underlying issues that have been the root cause of their addictions and PTSD.

What specifically do I do in a session? How do I know it is working?
During these sessions, the Coach/Facilitator will use guided imagery, sometimes hypnosis, EFT, kinesiology or other techniques deemed necessary, in order to help the client be guided to a safe place where he/she can implement strategies that help with the release of these hidden underlying beliefs and issues which are the cause of the stress in your life. You, the client, just sit back, relax and enjoy the process. You are not required to do any tedious homework. However, you will be required to listen to your recorded session s few times between each session. Generally, you will need only three personal individual sessions.

You will know it is working by how you feel during the week. If your mood and energy improves then you will know things are on the up-and-up. This step involves self-observation to gauge between how you felt at the beginning and how you feel at the end of the sessions.

Once you have achieved that you are ready to go onto the next step, either back to step 1, REPAIR, or move onto step 3, RENEW.

When can I expect to see results?
You can expect to see and feel results immediately and more so during the following week. Take notice of how you are feeling and listen to the recorded session a few times per week and you will gain extra benefits of improved awareness and overall wellbeing.
Will I gain increased resilience to stress? Will my negative patterns of behaviour disappear or improve?
The type of resilience to stress which you will gain in this step, RELEASE, comes from the fact that you will start to notice that old repetitive behaviours, negative thoughts and beliefs that run your life automatically will start to dissipate, and you will find yourself feeling happier due to the fact that these old beliefs are no longer running your life and how you respond. Your life will change for the better because you will be more in charge of your life.
What other benefits can I expect?
There are many benefits and they are very individual because each person has a varied ad different set of negative beliefs running their lives. However, some benefits reported include:

    • Increased awareness
    • Feeling happier more often
    • Feeling more positive about life and about prospects
    • Improved relationships
    • Feeling more motivated to take on challenges
    • A new sense of purpose
    • A new sense of confidence and self-esteem
        … and many more.

This RELEASE Coaching/Training Package is a three-session program over 3 – 6 weeks

Personal Skype consults with Celine or one of her amazing team of coaches.

Each week or fortnight (whichever is preferable for you time-wise) you will have a personal one-on-one private session with your Facilitator/Coach This package covers a three-six week time period to make sure that you get the best results possible, and you also have the email support for all of that time. You will be required to complete the Workbooks before your initial session so that the Facilitator/Coach can assess your most pressing issue that is holding you back from achieving the success you truly desire. Your Coach will record your session and send to you this so that you will be able to listen to the required section several times during the week-weeks prior to the next session. This reinforcement gives you the best results possible. Whilst you are in the process of releasing your issues you will be required to complete the RELEASING your beliefs workbook. This will keep you focused and some of the data recorded will be used by your coach during your personal sessions.

Our aim is for you to be the best version of you possible. How can you be that person you always wanted to be if you are secretly holding onto old “stuff” that is no longer useful or productive?

When this happens and you finally release those old limiting beliefs and patterns that is when the magic happens. You will find that things become much easier.

By completing this RELEASE Package as well as the REPAIR Package you will be well on the way to achieving the success you truly desire and deserve!

‘I was feeling great difficulty in making a decision about whether I should leave my husband. His drinking was creating disharmony with myself and my children. Through these simple breathing techniques, I gained great clarity of what I needed to do. My awareness and perception became crystal clear. I was then able to make a decision that was best for me and the children. If you have an opportunity to do these breathing exercises, do so because your response to stress and how you handle it will changed forever.’                            Louise L., 35, Eden, NSW, Australia

‘I was run ragged trying to do everything in my business. I’d become a control freak. I was exhausted, spending too much time on my business and away from my family, and even after all that effort my business had stagnated. Then I found Celine’s program. Boy was I surprised! I am now smiling all of the time. I have huge amounts of energy and my business is booming. I am not spending anywhere near the amount of time I was in the office and I now have a hobby and am back at the gym. I highly recommend this program!’
Susan H., 35   Business Owner, Retail Clothing

‘I was feeling guilty that I was a bad mother because I was unable to relate to my daughter. I realised that this was a pattern that I was repeating because I felt the same with my mother. Doing these simple breathing exercises helped me gain awareness of what my patterns were and I am now able to resolve any issues which surface, because as soon as I move out of “love” and into “fear” I know I am moving into a stress position, so I do my breathing exercises. I have more energy, I sleep better and I am back on control and no longer feel guilty.’    Melissa T., 33,   Richmond, NSW, Australia

'I recently completed the 37 Day Stress Resolution Solution in our corporate group. When I started the course, I was tired all of the time, had low back pain, headaches, I felt drained, worried and had difficulty staying on tasks. My goal was to feel energised and have reduced pain and be more focused and to stay on task. I am happy to say that I did achieve these things, and I am also sleeping better and coping with stress and am “rolling with the punches” and not getting upset easily I am more alert and not so reactive and have more focus.'  Fiona C.  NSW, Australia

'I first heard Celine speak about Stress Resolution and thought that I would engage her for our organisation to help our staff overcome the stress they indicated they had especially due to the new structural changes that had been instigated.

I was anxious and had a lot of tension in my neck and shoulder area and was pretty much fatigued.

I am now feeling relaxed and the neck and shoulder pain and tension has been reduced. I am feeling more energised. I am not allowing myself to get overwhelmed. I was surprised at what I had accomplished in such a short amount of time. '  David P,  NSW, Australia

'I presented with stiff neck and felt drained. After doing the course for 6 weeks I now feel more energised, less reactive and more connected. I am feeling more in control and feel happier than I have for a long time.'  Kim N,  NSW, Australia