Wellness Quiz – How Are You Coping With Stress?

Please tick the most appropriate answer. Assign the following points to each category. Add up the total at the end. Then listen to the video to learn about what your result means and how you can resolve your stress issues easily and effortlessly.

a. 1-point    b. 2- points     c. 3- points    d. 4- points

Welcome to your Wellness Quiz

1. How well do you sleep?

4. How is your ability to focus, to concentrate and be really clear?

2. How much energy do you have?

3.  Do you feel you have enough time to complete tasks? 

Your new question!

5.  How quick are you to react and become angry? 

 6. Do you feel you are becoming more depressed?

7. How easy is it to achieve your goals?

8.  How successful and happy do you feel? 

9.  How much tension do you have in your body/mind?

10.  How much control do you feel you have in your work & personal life?