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A DIY Online Course –
6 Week Stress Resolution Solution


This has been developed for the busy
professional in mind – you can do this at
Home/Online in your own time.




This is for you if you would like a more
personal touch & would prefer individual




This option is available for groups
of people or teams. This is available
onsite or online.

Celine Healy – Wellness & Stress Resolution Specialist

I started working with professional career people as Iove helping people increase
energy, overcome exhaustion, gain more time and hance more control over their work/life
balance, increase overall wellness and be more successful. I discovered that if
a person increases their energy first their whole life can change.

Some of our recent successes

Melissa T., 33
Richmond, NSW, Australia

‘When I met Celine I was in crisis and at a cross-road. I was constantly tired. I couldn’t concentrate. I was taking longer and longer to complete tasks.

Jodie P.
HR & Recruitment Consultant

‘I was really stressed out. I felt I was losing control over my job. It became harder to be on top of things because I was so exhausted and I began making mistakes.

Susan H.
Business Owner

I was run ragged trying to do everything in my business. I’d become a control freak. I was exhausted, spending too much time on my business and away…

Louise L., 35
Eden, NSW, Australia

‘I was feeling great difficulty in making a decision about whether I should leave my husband. His drinking was creating disharmony with myself and my children.

There are really simple methods for increasing energy & wellness
and moving from Stress to Success without changing your diet,
your exercise plan or your lifestyle… doing things one at a time!
Find out if this is right for you!

How to Increase Energy & Achieve Success