As a Stress Resolution Specialist, my job is to help people resolve stress once-and-for-all, not manage it. Below are strategies, one of which will definitely resolve you stress permanently, while the other two will be strategies to “manage” stress.
The interesting thing about setting goals is that is highly stressful and if the person has not had a positive experience of actually achieving ang goal then this can bring on a fearful state. Really, what people are after when they set goals is that they want to feel differently. If you are fearful that you will not achieve your goal then this adds to your stress levels.

The only clear way to resolve stress permanently, once-and-for-all is if you adopt a method of breathing that allows you to repair your physiology and to increase your energy. If this does not happen then you will most certainly fail once again.
The subconscious runs the automatic functions of the body/mind. The conscious runs the thinking, planning and creative section.
If you want to achieve your goals you need to be able to repair and have some control over your automatic functions. The link between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind is through breathing. That is the key. That is the answer to resolving stress permanently.

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